Marco Raimondi
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Hotel DarkLight

Post Production Supervisor and Sound Mixer for the Hotel Darklight project in October, 2009.  This was a collection of ten short films.  I was in charge of all post production and overall sound mixing and took responsibility for many areas of the project, including picture lock, music, sound design, foley and overall mixing.  I had to work under extreme pressure, and successfully delivered this project in time to make its debut on the closing night of the Darklight Festival in Dublin.
I was also editor on two of the ten short films that made up the Hotel Darklight project 
– Play Dead (written and directed by James Phelan)
– Derval (written by Paul Markey and directed by Brian O’Toole)
Working whit Red One’s footage. Knowledge of workflows between Final Cut Pro 7/Red’s footage. Reconnect media from low resolution to 2K resolution and exporting on requested format.
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